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With you sharing 1%
We make small changes that change the world.

Vision & Mission

The vision of this foundation is to create an impact that can be left on future generations by forming a donation culture in the Korean American community that helps the vulnerable in the local community based on the traditional spirit of philanthropy between Korea and the United States.


'Small change'
It means a small but big change, a meaningful start to change the future. In addition, it contains the role of an intermediate support organization that supports public interest groups and activists.

Small changes started with the support of the Beautiful Foundation through the activities of groups and activists.
It leads to big changes in our society.

Small changes to change the world

Chang InvestmentSolutions is made by people.
It is a foundation created by donors, local activists, and beautiful citizens.

The Beautiful Foundation, created by people, is based on the wishes of donors.
Invest in ‘small changes’.

health, education, labor, culture, social participation, safety, housing, and environment in eight areas.
Planting ‘small changes’ step by step, sprouting and taking root
We help you grow.

Our dreams are neither grandiose nor ambitious.
This is because we believe that miracles start with ‘small changes’.

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